Experimenting with Sound Effects Generator

-an article from Popular Electronics May 1980

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Datasheets and application notes

SN76477 Datasheet 653kb

SN76477, Radio Shack App Note 404kb

SN76477, Popular Electronics 1978 (doc) 360kb
SN76477, Popular Electronics 1978 (article) 228kb

Single Chip Synthesizer 2.6Mb

Tom Henry's Supercontroller

This design was originally published in Polyphony (Sept/Oct '81) and his book Build a Better Music Synthesizer.

(files removed by request of mr Thomas Henry)

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Deutsche Fachzeitschrift ELO 1980:
Aus der Serie: Das interessante IC
SN76477 - Ein komplexer
German magazine ELO 1980:
Out of the series: The intersting IC
SN76477 - A complex sound generator
(article written in German)

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Deutsche Fachzeitschrift Elektor Dezember 1982:
German magazine Elektor December 1982:
Noise Box
(article written in German)

Deutsche Fachzeitschrift Elektor März 1981:
Imitator - Ein IC voller Geräusche
German magazine Elektor March 1981:
Imitator - An IC full of noise
(article written in German)

Deutsche Fachzeitschrift Elrad Jänner 1979:
German magazine Elrad January 1979:
Sound Generator
(article written in German)

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Österreichische Fachzeitschrift 
ITM Praktiker 11/1983:
Klangeffekt Generator
Austrian magazine 
ITM Praktiker 11/1983:
Sound effect generator
(article written in German)